English 1201

Course Related Films & Videos

           Children’s Storytelling

Children’s stories are captivating for even the most reticent audience - if done well.

Here are a couple of our class’ highest ranking read-alouds.

The indomitable Betty White with her rendition of Harry the Dirty Dog

The Hobbit’s Dwarf King, Richard Armitage (sigh) reading Flat Stanley.


The X-Man himself, James McAvoy absolutely invests in his rendition of Superworm!


Frodo reads Me and My Cat. He seems to really enjoy this story.

John Krazinski (Jim from "The Office" reads the famous story, "the Gingerbread Man".

Rosamund Pike (of "Gone Girl" fame reads "The Big Splash".

Here's Simon Pegg of , well, a lot of great stuff (check out his IMDB listing- impressive), with a great rendition of "Chickens Can't See in the Dark".

Animal Farm

Orwell’s allegorical fable remains a staple of the curriculum for a number of reasons: It’s a fable so it teaches young people a life lesson; It’s an allegory of the Russian Revolution, so it teaches us about an era that began with hope and ended in despair; It’s also a tool for showing us the power of greed and how a sound belief system can be manipulated.

Sadly, the tyrants of fables and history find new footholds in today’s world. In order to ward them off, we must first recognize our ignorance.  

         The Scottsboro Boys

Before Emmett Till, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and To Kill a Mockingbird, there were the Scottsboro Boys. This is the story that undoubtedly served as the springboard for Harper Lee’s classic novel. Theirs is a tragic story of systemic injustice and of innocence lost.

                   The Murder of

              Emmett Till

The heinousness and cruel irony surrounding the abduction and murder of 14 year old Emmett Till and the blatant injustice of the trial that followed galvanized a nation. The heroism shown by his mother, Mamie was one of the first sparks of the civil rights movements.  

           To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee’s literary masterpiece remains a staple of the high school curriculum for a reason. It is the story of  coming of age, of injustice, grace, and integrity. Important lessons for any decade.

Atticus Finch. The greatest of film heroes.


Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare’s comedy takes a twist toward the romantic, but as with many of his comedic works, humour is found within a convoluted plot line. These videos help to clarify some of what’s going on.