English 2201


Waterford Valley High School


This course is designed as a follow up to English 1201 and as a prerequisite for the English 3201 (Public Examination) course.  The focus is on building literacy skills through the six strands of Language Arts study:  Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Viewing and Representing.

At this stage of our Language Arts studies, we will be focused on the two highest levels of literacy, comparing course texts to our own lives as well as to society.  It is within these levels of literacy that we will gain a true sense of critical analysis of the literature, ourselves and society at large.

While there will be a focus on creative writing, listening, speaking, and viewing, we will keep expository essay writing clear in our focus, as this particular skill requires consistent practice and will be necessary for exam assessments as well as your future post-secondary endeavors.

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