English 3201 Films

The moving image is an important and helpful way to build literacy skills. Be it a film maker's interpretation of an existing work of literature, an animation, or a video of a speech, each has a set of characteristics that will be helpful to us in our examination of literary concepts.

        The Lottery

Shirley Jackson’s classic short story about the traditions we often follow blindly. Consider the implications of our own ‘lotteries.’

First Confession

Frank O’Connor’s endearing coming of age tale is brought to life in this charming film adaptation. Sweet :-)


J.D. Salinger was a bit of an enigma, and his work and life has been the subject of speculation for several decades.  As his most famous character, Holden Caulfield continues to confound us with his complexity, so too does his creator. In watching this wonderful documentary you will come to understand that the dividing line between author and  character often becomes muddy. As we recognize Salinger’s demons and complexities, we come to have a new appreciation for Salinger’s work and Holden, the protagonist/antagonist.