English 3281 - Assignments

Short stories are a wonderful literary genre for people who wish to ‘get back in the game’ of reading. They can be enjoyed in a single sitting and you can enjoy the best elements of literature, without the time investment.

During this unit, we will focus on our analysis of 5 different short stories through a process of math class-like drill. The unit workbook will help solidify your ability to complete various types of standard exam-type questions. The unit will take approximately 3 weeks to complete.

Short Story Workbook

AP Challenge Essay (Optional)

Antigone is the third of the Theban Trilogy by Sophocles. Even though it was written almost 2500 years ago, the story and themes are still relevant. Tragic heroes, the concepts of fate vs. free will, power, law and order, even feminism all find a foothold within this story.


Poetry - "Thoughts that breathe and words that burn."---- Thomas Gray

POETRY UNIT WORKBOOK - This one is a doozy but it's filled with goodies :-) (See what I did there?)

Unit Test - date TBA