Ethics & Philosophy 2101  Notes & Assignments

Course Outline/Overview

Ethics 2101/2106 Assignment weightings

Assessment rubric  (Although I despise the notion of judging you with a number, here's how to get 10/10.)

Course Intro and Kickstarters

Socratic Method (notes)

ASSIGNMENT #1 * Allegory of the Cave* (- Due Oct. 1st)

Rationalism vs. Empiricism (notes)

Skepticism (notes)

Egoism & Altruism (notes)

ASSIGNMENT #2  The Truman Show (Due Oct. 22nd)

ASSIGNMENT #3  The Reader (Due Nov. 6th)

ASSIGNMENT #4 Why Should I? (Philosophical Theories)


(business ethics)  ENRON: The Smartest Guys in the Room

ASSIGNMENT #6  - Media Ethics - due Feb. 4th

Optional - Medical Ethics - watch this vid

ASSIGNMENT #7 - Gandhi - due Feb. 4th