Wonderful Work

This page is dedicated to the hard work and creative energies that produce  wonderful essays, stories, poetry, art and much more. Be sure to check in to this page regularly and see what students’ works have been lauded and applauded. Kudos..

           Student Art Gallery!!

Write on!!

   S.N.’s Descriptive Essay:

“The Man in the Park”

  R.H.’s Descriptive Essay:

“The Lady and the Dog”

  J.M.’s Descriptive Essay:

“The Man in the Park”

   L.D.’s Reflection Pieces on Elie Wiesel’s


   L.D.’s Personal Reflection:

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

  N.E.'s Personal (humorous) Reflection excerpt  - Macbeth

   D.A.’s Research Paper - Slacktivism

   K.H.’s Research Paper - Scientology Inc.

   V.M.’s Research Paper -          

Education’s Successes

   K.M.’s Research Paper -                 

You Throw Like a Girl: Gender Inequality in Sports

   S.O.’s Research Paper  - Femicide

   R. St. C’s Research Paper - McBlame Game

   E.F.’s Research Paper -

  Representation of Women in Media

   S.N.’s Personal Response -   Herd Mentality

   V.C.’s - The Nature of Truth

   M.B.’s - Ethical Dilemma (narrative)